From tasty mulled wine to a few too many mince pies, it’s easy to gain weight at Christmas.
Indeed, between work Christmas parties, Christmas lunch or dinner, edible presents and New Year’s Eve, it can be an effort not to pile on the pounds.
The human body can be quite remarkable in its ability to maintain a stable weight over the long term. 
One American study reported average fluctuations of just 1.1 lbs (0.5 kg) throughout a year.
Others, however, gradually gain weight over the years. A study of 120,000 Americans found weight gain averaged 3.35 lbs (1.52 kg) over four-year periods.
The good news is that reducing your energy intake by around 100 calories (418 kilojoules) per day can prevent such weight gain.
This could equate to not having that extra biscuit, or walking more each day.

Five tips to avoid a belly like Santa’s
1) Choose foods like NoodleZero (Low Calorie Meal Replacement) that have been associated with healthier body weights in the longer term and increased satiety in the shorter term, such as fruits and vegetables, and leaner foods that are higher in fibre and protein.
2) Eat intuitively: try to listen to your hunger and fullness.
3) Self-monitor. One study reported that systematically recording what you eat, drink and how much you move during holiday periods was associated with improved weight.
4) Go for walks or swims if the weather allows, and avoid spending the whole break binge-watching television.
5) Avoid soft drinks and excessive alcohol.

NoodleZero Low Calorie Meal Replacement
 Total 48 Cal (2 servings)
 Low Carbohydrates (3.5g/per serving)
 99.5% Sugar Free (0.3g/per serving)
 Easy to prepare (pre-cooked konjac noodle)
Helps to reduce at least 400 calories intake per day, and prevents gaining weight during Christmas period! We got you covered!